The way I picture Joao Requiao—the developer for Tiny Little Bastards—coming up with the name for his game is fairly simple. Like any artist looking to make a profitable product, he likely sought out the opinion of every person he knew. TLB looks great, so probably many of them couldn’t find anything critical to say about his game when prompted. The easy way for people who are wimpy about dispensing criticism to get out of such a position is to fall back on something fairly insignificant, like character size.

“I guess the little character dudes are kind of small. I don’t know.”

“Maybe you could make the people, like, bigger. Or something.”

“Wtf are those little bastards even doing? They’re so tiny!”

And thus the name Tiny Little Bastards was set in stone. Except that that story is completely made up of speculation. But I did just sent him an email because I’m actually curious now**.

In the meantime, watch this gameplay video for Tiny Little Bastards and if you like what you see, make sure to vote it up on Greenlight and give it some crowdfunding support (you know—money) on IndieGogo.

**According to Joao, I’m spot on with this one. It’s tough being so perceptive sometimes (shades drop onto face).