Holy moly! It’s a Kickstarter game that isn’t a big, sopping hunk of camel waste! Praise be to the Lizard People; we’ve been saved! Sorry, I’m being a bit dramatic today, but you’re going to see why I’m so excited once you see the trailer for the action-packed isometric gunner Tower 57. Take a look:

Wasn’t that amazing?! I would have been happy if it simply didn’t suck like 97% of the games on Kickstarter right now do, but the game looks damn near revolutionary. It looks so good it almost makes me forget that crowd-funding is hinging on utter collapse. Almost.

But back to Tower 57, the game is a twin-stick shooter with heavy leanings toward co-op, just like the good ol’ days of Contra and the side-scroll shooters. The pixels are looking top of their game as well, with destructible environments and deep detail worked into every corner of the design. Fire even travels over objects at different rates depending on material. And sure, Minecraft does that, but this is a 2D pixel game we’re talking about—a much harder feat to accomplish.

Check out the project page here.