If you aren’t from the US and don’t follow our political charades, let me fill you in on our resident big-mouthed billionaire. Donald Trump has been a walking joke since the 80’s, partially due to his attempts to obscure his baldness with the world’s most complex comb-over. But now, in an almost satirical turn of events that threatens to warp time and space itself with absurdity, “The Donald” has gained a ludicrous amount of support in his bid for presidency based solely on the guy being a completely belligerent ass and thus coming across as “telling it how it is”.

Oh, and he hates people of Mexican descent. And that’s where we land ourselves today, because Viva Sancho Villa is the most proudly Mexican game I’ve ever seen, and it looks wonderful. Let’s watch the project vid:

You can tell the guys at 2Dnutz are having a blast making Viva Sancho Villa, and that’s always nice to see. The game is a platformer that takes the genre “back to it’s roots” according to the project page—which though sometimes is a bid for leniency on what’s to be expected from a game, content-wise—in this case I think it just means what it means: VSV isn’t going to have any of the undesirable features that plague many modern games of the “microtransaction era”.

For more information on Viva Poncho Villa, check out the Kickstarter page.