Revolution is in the air in SyncBuildRun’s upcoming cyberpunk adventure game V.Next. Join Vivienne Denue, a smart and sleek computer hacker navigating the streets of dystopian Seattle in 2035. Hair full of red dye and heart full of vengeance, Vivienne is out to sneak, fight, and hack her way to the center of a deeply corrupt society. And in this day and age, who can’t get behind a gal fighting for the oppressed?

While the game fleshes out Seattle with a gritty 2D style that harkens back to the retro foundation of gaming, V.Next is anything but archaic. Using an innovative system of puzzle-like programming, you can turn software against its makers, protecting the underclass from tyranny as you attack the system from the inside out. You won’t spend your entire time weaponizing code, however. When you’re not shredding the streets of Seattle on your motorcycle, you can explore new areas, interact with a rich cast of diverse characters, and upgrade yourself with some flashy new hardware. Forget forging armor. Those days are in the past. The future is all cybernetic implants and it is beautiful.

V.Next is also notable for adopting an episodic format, with a new installment released each week. After kicking off with 2 to 4 hours of gameplay in the “pilot,” 17 more episodes will fill out V.Next’s first season. Unlike other games that leech the money out of your account with each download, you’ll get all 18 episodes plus all the extra content between weekly releases for one set price.

V.Next is looking at a Spring 2016 release date and will be launching their Kickstarter on June 30th. You can find out more on the game’s official site or Greenlight page.