Shut up about Star Wars: Battlefront, and bury your copy of Starlancer in the backyard. The next big space game isn’t being produced by a hulking development company. It’s coming from a handful of independent developers and crowdfunding. Don’t be fooled. These humble roots are supporting AAA ambitions. Voidrunner is an upcoming fight and flight sim that will drag humanity to the (beautifully rendered) stars kicking and screaming. Here it is.

Sometime in the uncertain future of science fiction, an interstellar force known simply as “the Enemy” drops by the galactic neighborhood and devours the Sun. It’s a bummer day. To make matters worse, all manmade tech is jumping ship and turning against their fleshy human overlords. As war consumes the planet and combat pilots drop like flies, the theocratic “Priest War Lords” ruin everyone’s lives by breaking down the separation of church and state and activate humanity’s last hope: the sacred Oracle statue.


Naturally, this opens the “Gate of the Void” and sucks like, everything up into it. Had that always been the plan? Who builds a secret weapon like that? Like “I know how to save the world! The answer is: a supermassive black hole!

Regardless of their intentions, welcome to the Void.

You have one job here: make it to the exit portal before the time runs out. This is easier said than done. The Void is a dangerous place. When you’re not dodging enemy spacecraft, you’ll need to be aware of your surroundings, because the environment is just as deadly. You’ll find plenty more to do after you finish crashing through all 21 maps of the fully-scripted cinematic campaign. Try running through the Void on “Acrobatic Reflex” and “Hardcore” modes, 2 settings that up the speed, challenges, and excitement through exclusive new maps.

voidrunner game screenshot

Voidrunner will feature 11 game modes total, providing a variety of experiences for all types of players. If you’re looking for something a little more low-key, try beating your fastest time in a “Ghost Race” or just explore the surreal levels in “Free Flight.” For those of you who want to up the ante, try evading enemy ships in “Escape,” or turn around and take them on in “Stand and Fight.” You can also strengthen friendships in a team-oriented multiplayer “Deathmatch” or make a few new enemies in the cutthroat “Arena” mode.

They’re not stopping there though. The first of Voidrunner’s stretch goals is a “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena” that will let you connect with players from around the world in a fast-paced contest of speed and skill.


The last of the game’s stretch goals takes you out of the cockpit and into a sprawling open-world experience through which you can explore, trade, and basically fight of survival. As you walk around the streets in either 1st or 3rd-person, you can fully immerse yourself in the Voidrunner universe, experiencing all of the world-building content the developers have cooked up over the past 5 years.

Voidrunner is looking at a release for the PC, Linux, and Mac during the 2nd quarter of 2016 and hopes to hop onto the PS4 and Xbox One later in the year. All of these platforms will, of course, boast full virtual reality support. You can bring the game out of the development void and into the light of day by supporting it on Kickstarter.