Roll7’s Not a Hero is poised for release on May 7th, and if you aren’t already either stoked, psyched, pumped, jazzed, or have some other serious medical condition because of this fact, than you are likely a sociopathic maniac… which  happens to be a perfect personality type for a person to enjoy Not A Hero!

Not A Hero is a terminally-stylish 2D shooter that takes place in a crime-ridden city where an anthropomorphic rabbit from the future is running for mayor in an attempt to save the world—seemingly by killing tons and tons of people. And even if not a word of that made any sense to you I don’t think it will take any of the enjoyment out of sliding around shooting pixel-thugs to bits with your uzi.

bunnylord beatdown gif not a hero indie game

Finally, a mayor that will fight for his city.

The gameplay mostly involves shooting down loads of enemies while ducking for cover behind environmental objects. Another core mechanic is sliding across the floor like a 10 year old boy on a Slip n’ Slide in August—except that in this case you’ll be armed with hand grenades rather than water balloons.

not a hero sliding


The game is due out on Windows May 7th, and is planned for release on Mac, Linux and PS4/Vita later in the year. It’s being published by Devolver—you know, the guys who put out Hotline Miami, Broforce and the recent hit Titan Souls—so these guys know a good game when they see it.

Here’s the Steam page for the game. So add it to your wishlist and vote Bunnylord on May 7th.

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Best candidate I’ve seen announced this year.