I know it’s a lot to ask for you to believe that this is the grossest, most over-the-top poop game yet—especially since we’ve already covered not one, or two, but three other fecally-themed games just in the past year—but bear with me on this one, because Where’s my Mommy is a real dooky. I mean doozy.

Serious warning: this one gets really nasty. Although I do expect something even worse within 45 days based on the current rate.

Where’s my Mommy tells the seat-warming tale of a young turd chasing after his rapidly ejecting mother through the canals of someone’s intestinal tract. Lovely? Well get this: in this runner-type game, you’ll need to rapidly switch between regular, liquid, and heavy states to keep your momentum through various bizarre obstacles that have somehow become lodged in this hapless person’s innards. Objects like cheese graters, whole rolls of toilet paper, and (oh jeez, here it comes…) condoms. Yes, there are seemingly carton-fuls of condoms that have been left behind in this person’s rectum, and I would suggest anyone out there reading this who suffers from the same malady to contact a physician immediately.

But if you’re a sick freak—like most of the human population—you can vote to get this crappy game Greenlit on Steam here. Now watch the mayhem for yourself: