We’re back with more nonsense from everyone’s favorite crowd-funding site—Kickstarter. You’ve just got to wonder what kind of delusions swirl through a person’s daily life when they go on KS with a video they recorded on their phone where they blather on about virtually nothing with a pinch of dip under their lip and then go on to ask for $ 2 0 0 , 0 0 0. I don’t recommend watching more than a few seconds, because it quickly goes from bad to sad.

Ok I feel a bit bad about that last one, because if you read the description you can tell that guy put everything in his big ol’ bearded heart into that pipe dream, but this next one has no excuse being whatever the hell it’s supposed to be. Bill Gates should be ashamed of himself for allowing the tools to create this mess (MS Paint) to fall into the wrong hands.

And I mean sure, when you’ve been smoking PCP all summer in your basement and raccoon babies are flying around your head, it seems like a pretty cool idea for a game. But after getting released on parole and finishing rehab, you don’t actually follow through with making the game! It was meant to stay in your head.

Alright that’s it for this week’s Kickstarter dunces. And there are already some serious contenders for next week that have reared their ugly heads so be sure to pop back in for the next batch of dingalings.