Xeodrifter™, is a trademarked game which its developer, Renegade Kid, makes sure is branded with a trademark logo in every place that it’s mentioned. So don’t get any wise ideas about ripping it off! Additionally, Xeodrifter™ itself is an extreme ripoff, that is, of the Metroid and Mega Man series. How ironic. But being that it is such an incredibly shameless, in-your-face aping of these classic game franchises, it is also quite fun. So let’s get to the reviewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

xeodrifter indie game review shipXeodrifter™ begins in your spaceship, like any good Metroid game. The ship malfunctions and you have to pick between four planets to try to salvage a warp drive for your ship. Once you land you will find that your character can walk, jump and shoot in a way that actually is more MegaMan than Samus Aran. You will find enemies that look and act ridiculously similar to certain classic Metroid and Mega Man enemies. Then you will either A) run into an obstacle you cannot pass, or B) fight a boss that will give you a new power—and then you will run into an obstacle you cannot pass. I won’t spoil the powers for you, but I will tell you that you’ve seen most of them before in other similar games, but a couple of them are actually unique and pretty damn cool. After you have done all that you can do, you will make your way back to your ship and try your hand at another planet and see if you have the right powers to make any headway there.

xeodrifter indie game review bossGraphics come in the form of 8-bit pixels, but there is a nice polish to them that makes the scenery pretty nice to look at. Variety isn’t huge, with maybe five new enemies per planet. The tunes are somewhat disappointing, as I can really get down with some dank chiptune arpeggios. But there pretty much isn’t a memorable melody in the whole game. The music is just kind of there.

xeodrifter indie game review dashBesides picking up your standard max-health extenders for a greater health bar, you can also find gun enhancers. These let you add points to different categories of effects for your trusty arm cannon. You can mix and match these properties however you want from the pause screen, and can change them whenever you choose, as well. For instance you might want to make your bullets bigger and move with a wavy pattern. Or you can make them faster and shoot in a spray pattern. Or mix in a little of everything! Though the options aren’t unlimited, there is quite a bit of customization to be had for your little pellet gun.

Xeodrifter indie game review eye monsterThe game’s difficulty is pretty spot on, where you are never going to be terribly frustrated, but you will have to do some parts over a few times—especially boss fights. Now I’m not saying that it’s Mega Man hard, but you will find that you can’t just run around and take all kinds of hits and then sit around and kill a handful of easy enemies to get your health back up like in Metroid. Enemies do not drop health in this game. Now, I said that, but it’s not actually true. There is one type of sort-of enemy that does drop health, but it only appears right before a boss, and it can’t actually hurt you. Also beating a boss fills it up automatically. So now I’m as confused as you as to whether what I said was true or not. But the point remains that you need to hold on to your health in this game. The only checkpoints that exist are when entering a boss room and when leaving a boss room. So basically it’s up to you to not die from the front entrance until the boss, and then from the boss back to your ship. But as long as you stay on your toes, you won’t have too much trouble with this game.

Biggest Complaint

The biggest complaint I have with Xeodrifter™ is its length. It’s tiny, guys. I kept hoping that once I beat the four planets that were presented in the beginning there would be a bunch more thrown at me out of the blue. But nothing came out of the blue. It just stayed blue. I beat it in three hours flat with having collected 92% of the goodies. So although what the game has is good stuff, it’s not a whole lot of stuff.

Xeodrifter™ is out on Steam and is also in the Nintendo 3ds eshop.

Xeodrifter™: A Very Trademarked Review
If you're in the mood to play a mixture of Metroid-lite and MegaMan-lite, this is your game.
Good Stuff
  • Fun while it lasts
Lame Stuff
  • Short