The release date for SteamWorld Heist is still a ways around the corner, but Image & Form Games have been promoting an interesting way that fans of the SteamWorld series can get their hands on a handful of copies for free, and even before the rest of the paying public. But you gotta work for it!

SteamWorld Ambassadors, as they’re called, are people who have won one of the bi-weekly contests put forth by the developers on their site blog. The contests mostly have to do with coming up with ideas, themes or assets for the upcoming game. Think about how ingenious this is: not only does the community surrounding the game get strengthened by the close communication between the team and the fans, and not only do the fans possibly get the satisfaction of one of their own ideas getting injected into one of their favorite gaming franchises, but also the dev team gets a Smorgasbord of ideas presented to them beyond what they themselves would have had to come up with on their own.

And the contests are fun to participate in, either way. Some examples from past weeks include making custom hats, one-liners, and even naming the bar. The bar, by the way, was chosen to be named “The King’s Daisy”. See, you could’a done better than that!

So make sure to check back with the Image & Form blog every other Tuesday to see what new contest has rolled out for becoming an ambassador of SteamWorld Heist, and here is the video put forth by the team that not only describes the program, but also gives a peek into the very innovative turn-based shooter SteamWorld Heist. It’s quite a departure from its massively successful precursor, SteamWorld Dig, but it’s looking just as excellent.

The release date for SteamWorld Heist has only been named as “Fall 2015” thus far, and the only platform it has been confirmed on is the 3DS. But I would be willing to bet based on the previous game’s release schedule that it will be on all obvious consoles and platforms eventually.