7 Must-Play Indie Games about Mental Health Struggles

Mental health issues are becoming more common in today’s society, and it’s important to have an open dialogue about them. Video games have become an increasingly popular medium for exploring mental health issues, and there are many indie games that have tackled these topics with unique gameplay mechanics and powerful storytelling. In this article, we’ll explore 7 great indie games about mental health that offer valuable insights into these important issues.

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Top 7 NSFW games on Steam you need to play

Welcome to our list of the top 7 adult-only games on Steam! If you’re someone who enjoys pornography, then you’re in for a treat because these games offer an experience that goes beyond your average sex filme.

With immersive storylines, realistic graphics, and engaging gameplay, these games are designed to provide a truly unique and interactive experience. So, get ready to explore a world of explicit content that’s not only entertaining but also educational in its own right.

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Best upcoming indie games releasing in 2022/2023

What are some of the best upcoming indie games? Indie gaming has exploded over the last decade. From Minecraft to The Walking Dead, these titles are now household names.

Indie games are often overlooked because they don’t receive the same attention or marketing budgets as their big-budget counterparts. However, they offer unique experiences that aren’t always found in AAA titles. They often feature unique gameplay mechanics and artistic styles.

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Best indie games to play right now | Xbox, Playstation and PC

There are lots of different types of independent game developers out there, so the definition of indies has become increasingly difficult to pin down. It can mean small groups of people working together to create beautiful pixel-art games under publishing labels like Devolver or Raw Fury.

It can mean established developers who’ve been working for years breaking off to crowd-fund huge passion projects that would rival blockbusters. We’ve put together a short but comprehensive collection of our favorite indie games, regardless of whether they’re made by big studios or small teams.

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Space Janitor Sim “Viscera Cleanup Detail” is Dark Comedy at its Finest

Video games can be violent. And destructive. And gory. As you rampage through first-person shooters and survival horror sci-fi flicks, your only thought is survival. Use up a cartridge? Throw it down and reload. See a grotesque alien monstrosity? Blast its guts across the wall and keep moving. You leave a trail of death and destruction, but damn, it feels good.

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