Best upcoming indie games releasing in 2022/2023

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Best upcoming indie games releasing in 2022/2023

What are some of the best upcoming indie games?

Indie gaming has exploded over the last decade. From Minecraft to The Walking Dead, these titles are now household names.

Indie games are often overlooked because they don’t receive the same attention or marketing budgets as their big-budget counterparts.

However, they offer unique experiences that aren’t always found in AAA titles. They often feature unique gameplay mechanics and artistic styles.

The best upcoming indie games are those that offer something new and unique. These titles are usually smaller in scope and budget, but they also tend to be more innovative.

Upcoming indie games releasing in 2022/2023 that are a must play

Some of the indie games for PC we are going to talk about aren’t really heavy on gameplay, but what they do offer is a nice escape from reality and a chill playing style that we need from time to time.

There will also be indie games with a heavy focus on gameplay so don’t think this list of upcoming indie games is gonna be a walk in the park.

Here is our list of the best upcoming indie games on PC releasing in 2022 and early 2023.

Upcoming indie games on PC


Dustborn Developer presentation – Future Games Show

We’re really looking forward to the upcoming Red Thread Games adventure game, which has no official launch date yet.

With a graphic novel-inspired visual style, you play as Pax – an ex-con who has been exiled from society after committing a crime. You set off on the road to deliver a package across a divided United States.

dustborn indie game
A camp in the indie game Dustborn

Set in a dystopian future setting in the year 2030, Pax, who’s four-month pregnant, is also referred to as an “anomal” because they possess unusual vocal abilities that can even be used for fighting those who seek them out.

You’ll meet people along the way who become part of your road trip team.

Dustborn looks like it could be exploring some interesting concepts and ideas, including the theme of self-discovery and finding a family.

Bear and Breakfast

Bear & Breakfast release date trailer

Who wouldn’t want to be an adorable bear named Hank who runs a B&B in the woods?

Yes, we’re really looking forward to the great new management simulation game from developer Gummy Cat.

With its hand-drawn art style and charming animations, you can design and customize your very own hotel by creating and decorating them with furniture items.

bear & breakfast indie game
Gameplay image of Bear & Breakfast

You can also complete quests, interact with various characters, and discover hidden things in the forest as you attempt to improve your bed and breakfast’s reputation.

Oh, and one last time, you’re a bear. Hank is his name. We’ve already said enough! 

Neon White

Neon White Launch trailer for the Nintendo Switch

We’re really looking forward to playing Neon White. It seems like an exciting new action game full of style.

Neon White is a fast-paced first-person shooter game where you take control of an assassin named Neon White who has been sent straight from hell to fight other demons.

Getting into heaven definitely seems like a good motivator – especially for those who want to get there quickly!

With plenty of hours of gameplay and replay value in mind, you switch from shooting people to running through them. The story plays out with visual novel segments.

neon white indie game
Gameplay image of combat in Neon White

It looks like an awesome adventure game with a unique visual aesthetic and cool characters.

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest World Premiere at The Game Awards

For those who aren’t familiar with it, Sons of the Forest is an upcoming survival horror video game focused on crafting and fighting with surprisingly intelligent enemies.

As most survival games go, the main storyline is relatively linear, but there were plenty of things to learn about the game’s creatures and settings.

As for the game itself, it seems that Endnight Games is looking to expand its universe by adding new characters and events revolving around an even more mysterious new world.

sons of the forest indie game
Combat in Sons of the Forest

The game will feature improved graphics; more fluid combat; and additional features including online multiplayer.

These new additions were inspired by feedback from players.

Upcoming indie games on consoles (XBOX | PlayStation | Switch)

This year we are blessed by the quality of indie games we are getting, and the list we crafted for the consoles is the proof (some of these indie games are also coming for PC).

We aren’t even gonna waste your time with more words, let’s just jump in and see what upcoming indie games on consoles we have on the list.

The Plucky Squire

The Plucky Squire trailer for PC. Nintendo Switch, PS5 and Xbox Series

The Plucky Squire appears to be a fairly regular game at first glance.

As an example, when I watched the trailer for this game, the first part didn’t really interest me. A two-dimensional platforming game set in an environment that resembles an open book did not excite me at all.

But, halfway through the trailer, we got a nice little surprise twist. The character steps out of the page and enters into a 3D real world.

It’s at this point where the concept of the video game begins to become apparent, and when you start to get much-needed interest in playing the game.

It doesn’t seem like there’s much else known about the new title, but it has some strong Toy Story vibes, which we think sound really interesting.

the plucky squire indie game
Combat in The Plucky Squire

It will likely be a combination of 2D platforming and 3D action/adventure game with some exploration, puzzle solving, and maybe even some light fighting.

It’s scheduled to be released in 2023 on Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox and PC. We have some time before then.

We’re expecting to see more as the launch date approaches.


Dordogne Extended gameplay trailer

A painterly stroll through the past, Dordogne takes us back in time to when Mimi was a child growing up in southern France.

A new extended gameplay video released recently showed the player walking down a rural road, looking at plants, taking pictures of a beautiful view, listening to the sounds of church bells from afar, and writing everything down in a well-used journal.

dordogne indie game
Dordogne is a very artistic game – It won’t be for everyone but it has a truly unique artstyle

Dordogne has a watercolor aesthetic, easy gameplay, and a personal story. It seems like a touching and tranquil game.


Tunic trailer for PS4 and PS5

Tunic is a delightful indie game that was released earlier this year.

You’re dropped into the game without any explanations of what’s happening. Much of the world is even shown in its own made-up language.

The AI opponents are challenging, so you’ll always be on your toes when exploring the game.

Over time, you’ll learn things through trial and error, but you’ll be able to understand them better if you find some helpful in-depth instructions along the way.

tunic indie game
Tunic is a must play indie game that will remind you of the early Zelda games

Tunic was released earlier this year for Xbox and PC. but it’s only coming to the Switch and PS5 in September of this year (2022).

Hollow Knight: Silksong

Hollow Knight Silksong Xbox Game Pass reveal trailer

After Hollow Knight’s success, Team Cherry faced the daunting challenge of creating another title that was just as good, if even better than its predecessor.

Fortunately, from the glimpses that we’ve already had, Hollow Knight: Silksong looks like it could live up to the hype surrounding its early 2019 reveal.

At first glance, this full-fledged follow-up appears to have everything – more beautiful hand-drawn graphics, new enemy types to fight, a revamped version of the original game, and so forth.

hollow knight silksong indie game
One of the most awaited indie games – Hollow Knight Silksong is in everybody’s list

As the Knight’s faster, more nimble counterpart, Hornet appears familiar yet different in every way, so it’d be a shame if we had to delay its release for too long.

We’ve included Hollow Knight: Silksong on our list, so that means its release date must be within the next 4 months… hopefully… I mean cmon!

Regardless of when it releases, Silksong will always be one of the biggest and most anticipated indie game titles.