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Space Janitor Sim “Viscera Cleanup Detail” is Dark Comedy at its Finest

Video games can be violent. And destructive. And gory. As you rampage through first-person shooters and survival horror sci-fi flicks, your only thought is survival. Use up a cartridge? Throw it down and reload. See a grotesque alien monstrosity? Blast its guts across the wall and keep moving. You leave a trail of death and destruction, but damn, it feels good.

Unfortunately, the grisly remains and severed limbs of your enemies stick around long after you’ve incinerated the alien queen and lived out your wildest fantasies in zero gravity. As you accept the laurels of victory and roll the credits across the screen, only one question remains: who the hell is going to clean all this up?

In Viscera Cleanup Detail, you’re not the rugged anti-hero searching for redemption through bloody violence and destruction. You’re the space janitor who gets to clean up after all of the anti-hero’s soul searching. And it’s a mess.

You won’t be needing a plasma rifle for this one. Instead, grab your trusty mop and . . . well, mop things. Yeah, I’m serious. This is a real game. If elbow grease isn’t quite doing the trick, use a variety tools – including a plasma laser – to get the ship spick and span and ready to go. If you’re a hard worker and industrious enough, you might even have a shot at Employee of the Month.

Surface stains are only half the battle though. Gather up the clutter in thoughtfully labeled biohazard bins and throw it all in the incinerator. We can’t just leave the mangled bodies of former employees lying around. That wouldn’t look too good for the new recruits.

Don’t want to clean? Me neither. Hop into sandbox mode and add your mark to the chaos. You can also gather your co-workers for some co-operative collaboration or carnage. Just remember to eventually clock in and get back to work. It’s going to be a long day.

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